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K1 Towing Hitch

  • 2017
  • 2018
  • 2019
  • 2020
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All the Keko Towing Hitches undergo physical and virtual tests. You can tow without concern, because the traction capacity and resistance are ensured.


For the cautious: the accessory is validated according to the standards of INMETRO and in accordance with the regulations of Contran. It respects the originality of the vehicle, following the assembler’s guidelines using the points indicated for the installation of the accessory.


The K1 towing hitch is not only functional, but also respects the esthetics of your car. All the hitches are made exclusively for each vehicle model. That is right! It is planned to make your car even more beautiful and exclusive.

Compass Trailhawk

Tubes and side brackets are until 100% fatter;

Outras Marcas
Developed using poor material, beneath to minimum requirements; 

Compass Trailhawk

8.8 and 10.9 bolts class offer to the product a high mechanical resistance;

Outras Marcas

Bolts class 5.8 offer to product low resistance;

Compass Trailhawk

Welded in a robotic cell, allow a continuing use without risk of breakage;

Outras Marcas

Handle welding, less reliable;

Compass Trailhawk

Follows INMETRO ABNT NBR ISO 3853:1998 – quality assured with more than 2 trillion cycles on strength test;

Outras Marcas
Has INMETRO sticker, however the hitch used for INMETRO test is different from the hitch negotiated in the Market; 
Compass Trailhawk

High quality Ball Mount that supports heavy loads and avoid premature wear;

Outras Marcas

Ball Mount is manufactured with standard material and low carbon, easy wear, oxidation and also has the chance to loss the torque over time;

Compass Trailhawk

Ball Mount easily removed, contains plastic cap for a better product finish;

Outras Marcas
Most of the other hitches do not contain the plastic cap; 

Compass Trailhawk

Due a no clearance system, there is no necessity of tooling to install or handle the product;

Outras Marcas
The clearance is suited by a bolt making necessary a tooling for the torque, turning the oxidation a risk; 

Compass Trailhawk

Can be installed by one person only, because the side brackets are separated from hitch body, allowing the installation of the brackets first and the body subsequently;

Outras Marcas
The side brackets are welded, making the installation harder; 
Compass Trailhawk

Bolts with black ZNPT finish, confer to the product a superior esthetic and high resistance;

Outras Marcas
Bolts with white standard zinc, interfering on product esthetic and increasing oxidation risk; 

Compass Trailhawk

Double layer of E-coat and electrostatic, giving to the product same quality standard from OEM parts;

Outras Marcas
Lower layer and poor powder painting quality interfere on quality and product esthetic; 

Compass Trailhawk

Resistant against oxidation due sulphur chrome bath;

Outras Marcas
Does not guarantee protection against oxidation because the chrome is for decoration proposal only; 

Compass Trailhawk

Robotic welding guarantee high resistance to seams;

Outras Marcas
Handle welding generate failures in the process, adding esthetics defects and different thickness in the product; 
Compass Trailhawk

The plastic finish brings beauty and protection to the vehicle, even when the mounting ball is not used;

Outras Marcas

Not all brands offer the possibility to remove the mounting ball, beside that, the options available are made with tin material or low harmonic adaptations;

Compass Trailhawk

Cartoon box guarantees a product without damages on surface;

Outras Marcas

Usually is packaged with bubble wrap only;

Compass Trailhawk

Besides the product be shipped disassembled, it also has a standard package, bringing more efficiency to logistic, stock and product protection.

Outras Marcas
The product is sold in only one piece, make impossible ship it inside a box due its dimensions and complexity. 
  •  Developed to ensure a better performance against stress, knocks and impacts.

  •  Anti-noise system integrated with the product which dispenses with the use of tools to tighten or loosen the tip.

  •  Resistance ensured by virtual and physical tests.

  •  Fasted to the original points of the vehicle without needing to pierce it (except Toro, Duster, Duster Oroch and Captur).

  •  Fasted to the original points of the vehicle without needing to pierce it (except Toro, Duster, Duster Oroch and Captur).

  • The metallic parts receive chemical treatment and electrostatic painting which ensure greater useful life against corrosion and U.V. rays.

  • Developed observing the regulations of INMETRO and CONTRAN.

  • Designed exclusively for each vehicle.

  • Towing hitch traction: 750 kg.

  • Traction Capacity of each vehicle: 400 kg.

  • Approximate product weight:  22,60 kg.

Keko Acessórios S.A. warrants to the original purchaser of Keko's products, for the period of three years, from the  date of the purchase, that the product is free from defects in raw material, workmanship or finishing and it is Keko's obligation, under this warranty, to repair or replace, at Keko's election, any part or parts of the product which prove to be defective. This warranty shall not apply to any product which has suffered damage from collision, mishandling, misuse, incorrect cleaning, and incorrect installation or to any product that has been altered from its original conception or had its serial number (available in the product and packaging) removed. 

Maintenance, cleaning and durability: for cleaning use only water, neutral soap and sponge or flannel. Periodically  use automotive wax to conserve the chrome-plated parts. Never use chemicals or abrasive products nott to scratch and expose the product to corrosion. 

Warranty Claim: request the shop where the accessory was purchased to evaluate the defect. If proved to be Keko's  liability, the part will be repaired or replaced without charge. The repair or replacement of the parts will not result in extension of the warranty term provided. 

Keko's Liability Term: Keko does not assume any responsibility for the mishandling or wrong installation of its  products. After using the product/packaging we recommend the appropriate destination for each type of material according applicable law. 


All resulting waste from package and part after use, should be discard in an appropriate place, in order to avoid any environment damage. For more information about, contact us through the e-mail or throught the phone +55 54 3279-5700.

Keko's products are merely decorative and do not guarantee the safety of the occupant or vehicle in case of a  rollover or other vehicle accident.




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