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Retractable Truck Bed Cover

  • 2017
  • 2018
  • 2019
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The manufacturing in highly resistant aluminum and the anti-vandalism lock ensure extreme protection for you to store your load without concern.  


The triple sealing system against water and dust allows you to handle extreme environments calmly without unforeseen events. The surface without exposed screws, the very low and contemporary design add value and ensure impeccable and elegant finishing for your Pickup. 


Available in manual and automatic versions, both of easy handling and allowing the fastening of Light Bars and Cross Bars. 

  • Transform your bucket into a trunk: Its construction in HS (highly rigid) aluminum allows safety to keep your load.

  • Activation by remote control: The Automatic Retractable Rollback Cover of Keko opens at the touch of a button and provides access to all the load compartment making the use of the bucket much more practical.

  • Impeccable finishing: Its surface without exposed screws and the care with details ensure impeccable finishing which adds value and elegance to the vehicle.

  • Version with manual activation of easy handling: With a conception identical to the automatic model, the Manual Retractable Rollback Cover opens on its own upon activating the lock, and the closing is done pulling it manually.

  • Slim Design: Its very low and contemporary design ensure a unique visual aspect. Its rail system various accessories to be coupled without holes or adaptations, with speed and elegance.

  • Allows fastening of Roll Cage and racks without piercing: The Retractable Rollback Cover of Keko has supports compatible with most models in the market. It is fastened without holes directly in the fastening rails of your bed cover.

  • Quality Materials: Produced in structural aluminum and other materials such as nylon and stainless steel, the foldable rigid bed cover was developed to withstand severe conditions of use.

  • Product tested: undergoing tests in laboratories, test field and in actual critical situations, its design imposes strength and this is clear when we perceive that it withstands 100KG on its surface.

  • Receives chemical treatment and electrostatic painting against corrosion and U.V rays, which ensure greater useful life to the product.

  • Safety: Another benefit is safety. Manufactured in highly resistant aluminum, you can rest assured that your belongings will be safer against theft or any possible occurrences.

  • Safety Lock: Besides its resistance due to the use of aluminum, it also has an anti-vandalism lock, which ensures extra protection for your baggage.

  • The Keko Retractable Rollback Covers have an exclusive triple sealing system against water and dust, allowing you to handle sand and earth terrain calmly, or deal with storms.

  • To increase the sealing efficiency of your bucket, Keko has developed an extra Sealing Kit which comes with the bed cover.

  • The Manual Retractable Rollback Cover has the same technology, strength and design as the Automatic Foldable Rigid Bed Cover. The opening is done automatically by its mechanical system, while to close it suffices to pull the conveyor which has smooth f

  • The Automatic Retractable Rollback Cover opens at the touch of a button and provides access to all the division of the load. 

  • Dimensions of Box of the Automatic Retractable Rollback Cover: 180mm in height and 325mm in width. 

  • Dimensions of Box of the Manual Retractable Rollback Cover: 180mm in height and 235mm in width.

  • The bed cover is compact. Both the manual and automatic version ensure minimum loss of space, not exceeding 6% of the volume of the bucket.

  • *Withstands 100Kg distributed evenly over the surface, not as a load concentrated at one point. Keko does not recommend loading on the bed cover.

  • Weight of the Automatic Retractable Rollback Cover: 39 Kg.

  • Weight of the Manual Retractable Rollback Cover: 3 5Kg.

  • Packing Dimensions of Retractable Rollback Cover: 1651mm length x 501mm width x 273mm height. 

Keko Acessórios S.A. warrants to the original purchaser of Keko's products, for the period of one year, from the date of the purchase, that the product is free from defects in raw material, workmanship or finishing and it is Keko's obligation, under this warranty, to repair or replace, at Keko's election, any part or parts of the product which prove to be defective. This warranty shall not apply to any product which has suffered damage from collision, mishandling, misuse, incorrect cleaning, and incorrect installation or to any product that has been altered from its original conception or had its serial number (available in the product and packaging) removed.

Maintenance, cleaning and durability: for cleaning use only water, neutral soap and sponge or flannel. Periodically use automotive wax to conserve the chrome-plated parts. Never use chemicals or abrasive products nott to scratch and expose the product to corrosion.

Warranty Claim: request the shop where the accessory was purchased to evaluate the defect. If proved to be Keko's liability, the part will be repaired or replaced without charge. The repair or replacement of the parts will not result in extension of the warranty term provided.

Keko's Liability Term: Keko does not assume any responsibility for the mishandling or wrong installation of its products. After using the product/packaging we recommend the appropriate destination for each type of material according applicable law.


All resulting waste from package and part after use, should be discard in an appropriate place, in order to avoid any environment damage. For more information about, contact us through the e-mail or throught the phone +55 54 3279-5700.

Keko's products are merely decorative and do not guarantee the safety of the occupant or vehicle in case of a rollover or other vehicle accident.





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