High productivity and strict quality control. Accuracy, flexibility and versatility. Fast processes and with all levels of security. Automatic and robotic lines. Such is the Keko factory park, in Flores da Cunha, in the Serra Gaúcha. The 25,000 m² constructed area was planned to be a model in the automotive segment, with state-of-the-art equipment with some of them unique to Latin America and the world. This cutting-edge technology is supported by the Keko Production System, which provides security, quality, efficiency and productivity, and by Kaizen, where professionals participate in the continuous improvement process.

The facilities were designed with the most modern technological solutions associated having the maximum care for the environment. Investments in production processes with low environmental impact and in systems such as indirect lighting, natural and continuous ventilation, treatment of effluents, use of rainwater and heating by solar panels make the Keko plant also a reference of sustainability.


Meet our technology

Robotic Cell for Welding

Computerized Tube Bending

Robotic Cell for Tube Laser Cutting

Nanoceramic Pre-treatment Process

Chrome Plating

Ecoat Painter/Top Coat in Powder

Plastic Injections

Vacuum Forming Transformer

Liquid Painting

Computerized Canvas Cutting

Virtual Voltage Analysis